Palazzo Marzocchi is a vintage residence from the 1600’s and it is ascribed by historical documents to the Grand Duke Ferdinando II of the Medici. Today’s owners have opened its doors to the public, leaving untouched the flavour of the original furnishings owned by the family since the early 1800’s, when they became the proprietors together with the Rocca, which is what is left of the ancient medieval castle. The Palazzo and the Rocca are located at the apex of Monterchi, a town made famous by PIERO della FRANCESCA’s fresco “MADONNA del PARTO”, considered one of the greatest Italian renaissance works of art. To live in one or in the other residences means to be able to participate in the town’s life without giving up one’s privacy, thanks to the utmost tranquillity reigning inside the property.
Inside the Palazzo, around the mid 1940’s, Pietro Marzocchi lived. He was the grandfather of the sisters that own it today. Pietro was a charismatic figure in the Marzocchi family together with other historical members. He was a chemist, but also a studious researcher and inventor. His immense curiosity pushed him to research the most disparate fields, from pharmacy to meteorology, from geology to mechanics, from physics to astronomy. Now the fruit of his activity lies untouched as it was then in the enchanting laboratory-museum inside the Palazzo.
Donatella and Simonetta Marzocchi will have the pleasure of guiding you through the laboratory and you will discover all the numerous contraptions he invented, walking around among glass bulbs and test tubes, leafing through his notes.