Medieval gate
Palazzo Marzocchi and the Rocca are found inside the medieval walls of Monterchi, the town that holds the most famous fresco by Piero della Francesca, "La Madonna del Parto".

Monterchi is located near famous artistic and cultural cities like Arezzo, Florence, Siena, and Perugia, with which is well connected, and near localities where artists such as Michelangelo (Caprese), Giotto (Assisi), Cimabue, Della Robbia, and Vasari (Arezzo), have left their best masterpieces.

In Monterchi excellent restaurants propose typical dishes of the Tuscan tradition and a few hundred metres from the Palazzo there are the Pharmacy, the Bank, the Post Office and many shops.

In the area one can fish, play tennis, football and trek; nearby there is a centre for horse back riding and a golf course.

On request we will be able to organize:
- Dinners or Cooking lessons.
- Shopping trips for exclusive brands-jewelry, shoes, clothing, and to locations selling antiques and handicrafts.
- Day-long excursions to the surrounding areas with van and driver .


Piero della Francesca
Madonna del parto (Monterchi)